Ӯ is Registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number: 40536675. RSIN: 813934618

Ӯ aims to improve the livelihoods of marginalized producers and workers, especially in the South. Ӯ aims to change unfair structures of international trade, mainly by means of Fair Trade, to improve and co-ordinate the co-operation of its member organizations and to promote the interests of and provide services to its member organizations and individuals.

Ӯ’s Strategic Plan (2018-21) was approved at the Delhi Extra-ordinary General Meeting in November 2017 by members. The strategic plan is made up of five strategic goals:

  1. Credibility and Identity: Ӯ is the leading network of the Fair Trade movement. Its principles define the practice of Fair Trade.
  2. Learning: Provide an environment for sharing and learning, that enables Ӯ members and others to strengthen their Fair Trade practices.
  3. Market Access: Create market access opportunities for members through a credible Fair Trade Guarantee System.
  4. Voice: Promote and raise awareness of the Fair Trade model. Advocate for change to conventional trade.
  5. Capability: Enhance the Ӯ’s capability to deliver value added services to its members.

The Ӯ Board does not receive any remuneration. They volunteer their time to the organization. The General Meeting sets a budget for covering the direct costs for board members to attend two meetings per year, which typically take place either in Culemborg or the location of the Ӯ biennial summit. The remuneration policy of Ӯ states: "Ӯ staff should be remunerated in a fair way, considering the skills, experience/education, working time, level of responsibility, performance and evaluation outcomes, duration of employment within the organisation and the financial condition of the Ӯ. The socio-economic conditions in the area where the Ӯ Office is located should also be taken into consideration. There will be no gender discrimination in whatever form."